18650 Battery In-Series Lithium Cell Holder Open Case with Wire

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Size: 18650 X 1 (Single)
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[Series] Battery Holder for Lithium-Ion 18650

This 18650 battery cell holder is used to carry/store/keep your lithium ion battery in perfect and safe position. It comes with a single mounting hole in the center of plastic case which can help us in mounting it on any surface using screws of 3mm.

It also have two leads or connecting wire of red and black color respectively which is very convenient and can help the user in powering the circuit with no need of soldering any external wires.

Note: 18650x1 is the same for Series and Parallel 18650 Cell Holders.

Features :
  1. Made for 18650 batteries.
  2. Easy to install, using mounting holes.
  3. Comes with different colored soldered wires.

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