40x320 mm Aluminum Water Cooling Block/Container/Head/Plate for CPU Radiator Heatsink and DIY projects

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DIY Aluminum Water Cooling Block for CPU Graphics Radiator Heatsink 40*320mm

Water Cooling Block/Container/Head/Plate is the water cooling equivalent of a heat-sink. It can be used on many different computer components, including the central processing unit (CPU), GPU, PPU, Peltier Module, and Northbridge chipset on the motherboard.

Aluminum Water Cooling Block 40×320 is meant to transfer heat from one source into the liquid that flows around the water cooling block. Removing the heat from the graphic card into the liquid that runs through the water cooling block. There are two main types of GPU water blocks: full cover blocks and universal blocks for custom graphic cards

Aluminum Water Cooling Block 40×320 is the best way to cool a CPU because water transfers heat much more efficiently than air. Liquid cooling also makes your PC run quieter because you won’t have fans constantly running at a high RPM. However, liquid cooling a PC can also be dangerous if water leaks onto hardware.


  1. Heavy Aluminum build
  2. Internal flow channel extrusion forming
  3. Applicable to computer CPU water, industrial inverter driver, laser head cooling, industrial control cabinet cooling


Diameter (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)




Suitable for computer CPU cooling, GPU, VGA, CHIP, industrial frequency conversion driver, laser head cooling, air conditioning evaporator, and industrial control cabinet cooling.

Package Includes:

1 x 40x320 mm Aluminum Water Cooling Block/Container/Head/Plate for CPU Radiator Heat Sink and DIY projects.

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