DC 5V 1A Wireless Power Supply, 5W Wireless Charger, Universal Phone Charging Module

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5V 1A Wireless Power Supply Charging Module 5W Wireless Charger Transmitter Quick Charger DIY Micro USB

It is a 5W wireless charger. Place the mobile phone with wireless charging function on the coil where the center of the back corresponds to the coil center of the HW-225 module, and the mobile phone can be charged.
2. Feature:
  1.  It can be compatible with WPC standard wireless receiver.
  2.  It supports up to 5W charging power.
  3.  Support foreign body detection (FOD) function.
  4.  It supports low static power consumption and high efficiency.
  5.  It is equipped with dual LED indicators, which can prompt the module to be on, charging, charging saturation, foreign body detection (FOD), and other states.
  6. Suitable for iPhone, Andriod, Xiaomi Mobile Charging.
3. Parameter:
  1.  Product Name:5W Wireless Charger
  2.  Working Voltage:DC 5V
  3.  Working Current:1A
  4.  Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
  5.  Storage Temperature:-50℃~125℃
  6.  Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  7.  Module Size:41*19*18mm
  8.  Transmit Coil Size:50*50*5mm
4. Instructions for Use:
  1.  After turning on the power, the green LED on the module lights up.
  2.  Charge the phone with a mobile phone with wireless charging function,the center of the back center corresponds to the coil center of the module on the coil to charge the phone (note:the position offset of the mobile phone placed on the module coil will affect the charging effect),during the charging process The red LED on the module will light up,and the green LED will be off.
  3.  After charging is completed,the red LED goes out and the green LED lights up.
  4.  The wireless charging module has a foreign body detection function.When there is a metal foreign body on the transmitter coil of the module, the red LED and the green LED flash.After the metal foreign body is removed, the red LED will go out and the green LED will light up.
Note: If your phone prescribed power rating i.e wattage (W) is more than 5W then this module will not be able to charge your phone.

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