MAXX PAMMA 878AD SMD Rework Station with 936 Iron

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Maxx Pamma 878 AD SMD Rework Station with 936 iron

The MAXX PAMMA 878 AD with 936 iron is a rework station designed for soldering and desoldering surface-mount devices (SMDs) commonly found in electronics repair. 

    • Power Consumption: 220W - This indicates a higher power draw compared to the 120W mentioned earlier. This can translate to faster heating times and potentially more consistent temperatures.
    • Output Power: 270W - This reinforces the idea of a more powerful machine suitable for a wider range of soldering tasks.
    • Temperature Range: 100°C- 420°C - This range allows you to work on various components with different heat tolerances.
    • Temperature Stability: ±5°C - This indicates good temperature control, important for precise soldering work.
    • Air Flow: 120L/min (max) - This airflow should provide sufficient control for heating and cooling SMDs.
    • Working Voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz - Ensure your power outlet matches this voltage and frequency.
    • Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic - This suggests some manual manipulation during rework processes, though some features might be automated for ease of use.

    Overall, the MAXX PAMMA 878 AD appears to be a budget-friendly rework station suitable for basic SMD soldering and desoldering tasks.

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