Alkon: RTB 1 ROO TILT BIN 50mm X 73mm X 92mm Light Gray

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RTB 1 Wall Mounted  Material Storage Plastic - Light Gray

      • The same size of Roo Tilt Bins can be stacked one on top of each other.
      • With the help of the ergonomically designed plastic clips which are provided with Roo Tilt Bins, the same can be mounted on the various Louver Panels available in our range.
      • Holes are provided on the back wall of the Roo Tilt Bin Cabinet which can be used to directly screw the Roo Tilt Bin onto a wall.
      • Roo Tilt Bins can be interlocked side by side which makes it a self-supporting structure and helps in making long runs of the Bins depending on the need and space availability. To build self-supporting structures, we provide standard solutions to make Wall Mounted structures, Single and Double Sided Stands and Trolleys.
      • Roo Tilt Bins have large front handles with ergonomic grip which ensures ease of operation of the drawers.
      • Paper indicator slots are provided on the Roo Tilt Bins to accommodate paper labels for easy identification of the products stored inside the Roo Tilt Bins.
      • Roo Tilt Bins are designed to be completely enclosed in the Cabinet when not tilted, this prevents dust and dirt entering the storage area of the Roo Tilt Bins.


      Art No

      : RTB 1

      Outside Roo Tilt Bin Cabinet Dimensions in mm

      : 50 (L) x 73 (W) x 92 (H)

      Outside Roo Tilt Bin Dimensions in mm

      : 69 (L1) / 42 (L2) x 62 (W) x 80 (H1) 69 (H2)

      Inside Roo Tilt Bin Dimensions in mm

      : 38 (L) x 56 (W) x 80 (H1) 69 (H2)

      Standard Packing

      : Inner ctn.- 6 pcs.

      Master Ctn. Packing

      : 48 pcs.

      CBM Volume per box

      : 0.0335


      : Roo Tilt Bin - Transparent

      Cabinet - Light Gray RAL 7035

      Supplied with 1 mounting clips


        Please note: Colours shown are similar, not exact to actual product colors. We ship randomly.

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