Schottky Diode SS14 - 1N5819 (Pack of 20)

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Schottky Diode SS14 - 1N5819
  • SMA Schottky Barrier rectifier
  • Forward Current (IF): 1A
  • Maximum Forward Voltage : 0.5V (@1A)
  • Reverse Current (IR): 0.5 mA
  • Maximum DC Blocking Voltage: 40V

Compared to normal diodes Schottky diode also has relatively faster switching speeds and hence can be used in high frequency switching circuits. It also has low forward drop voltage, the voltage drop across the SS14 diode is 0.5V. SS14 diode has a guard ring structure across the metal-semiconductor junction for stress protection.

The maximum reverse voltage is 40V. It can also handle a maximum surge of 30A.

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