3Pcs Work Holding Cross Locking Tweezers Set

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Tweezer Set of 3 For Soldering. Oval, Round, and Square with Stainless Steel Tips

Fiber grip cross-locking tweezers are great for holding and positioning items while soldering, the fiber handles protect your fingers from heat. Cross-locking tweezers open when squeezed and close when released, this allows them to"lock" onto the item being held The tweezers in this set have three different tips. They are uniquely shaped to hold round, oval, and square objects. Ideal for holding items such as rings when soldering. Jaws are serrated to provide a firm grip on metal.

    • Tweezer X-Lock Fiber Grip Curved 6-1/2" - Oval Shape
    • Tweezer X-Lock Fiber Grip Curved 6-1/2" - 'U' Shape
    • Tweezer X-Lock Fiber Grip Curved 6-1/2" - Round Shape

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