"Creativity is thinking new things, and Innovation is making new things."
-Theodore Levitt
Amidst the need of the hour to ideate new technologies and techniques for sustainability and development of our country. It is essential to empower and equip our future with the sense of innovating and presently cutting technologies. Hence, the education system demands restructuring or novel additions.

For the same purpose, Technoplanet launched a new E-commerce platform i.e. Makerware.in or “https://www.makerware.in/." also known as Makershala Warehouse. Your doorstep solution for all materials related to projects and innovations and DIYs. Makershala Warehouse (MakerWare) is an online store that provides all kinds of tools and resources for your DIY projects. From a stake to Micro-controllers and sensors, browse through a massive range of products and their variants. Tools of all kinds for prototyping, woodwork, or handheld, we ship it all. With a more efficient and quicker checkout process, place orders faster, while scrolling through DIY projects and products categorized under Aeromodelling, STEM Kits, Arts and Crafts, Robotics, etc. Look out for attractive offers you can't resist. Our shipping services are Pan India and have quality items you can't find elsewhere.

But, besides materials, young innovators do need training to use these technologies and equipments for innovation towards better future prospects. Hence, for better penetration and expansion of the same mission, Technoplanet introduces the new initiative 'Makershala,' a platform to celebrate, enrich, and empower ideas, projects, challenges, and concepts. 'Makershala' is a self-promoting and self-sustaining ecosystem being set up in educational institutions that idealizes the critical elements for the holistic development of students. At Makershala, we promote tackling real-life problems, skilling on the latest tools and technologies, creative thinking, and, most importantly, working collaboratively. We provide a hub for students to expose them to innovation and entrepreneurship. Also, we assist students to participate in competitions at various levels.

Just click on "https://www.makershala.com/" to witness a hub of innovation and education work hand in hand for a better tomorrow. Browse through several projects, challenges, DIY videos, blogs, and discussions on subjects related to makerspaces and STEM Education. Work, collaborate or join us in this quest to improvise the educational standards of the country to experimental and experiential learning. Viz-a-viz also keep visiting Makerware.in or “https://www.makerware.in/." for great prices on quality products. Contact us to see how you can contribute to changes in society and yourself. Virtual presence remains of peak importance to us as well. So, you can keep in touch with us through FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Instagram .


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