11 Pc Measuring Cup and Spoon Set - Green

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11 Pcs Plastic Measuring Spoons and Cups Set for Home Kitchen Baking Cooking -  Green


  • Easy Grip Handles Ensure Easy Manoeuvrability And Control. Long Handles For Easy Reach Into Spice Bottles, Small Jars And Other Awkward Spaces.
  • Durable Plastic With Easy To Read Markings And Labels In Millimetre.
  • Ring Holder For Easy Removal Of Spoons/Cups. Spoons And Cups Nest Into Each Other For Convenience In Hanging And Storing.
  • Measuring Cups And Spoons In A Ring Holder. Accurately Measure Solid And Liquid Food Ingredients For Cooking And Baking
  • Easy to read standard markings on the handles ensure accurate measuring, the spoons are 1/8sp(0.625ml), 1/4sp(1.25ml), 1/2sp(2.5ml), 1tsp(5ml), 1/2tbsp(7.5ml), 1tbsp(15ml); the cups are 1/8cup(30ml), 1/4cup(60ml), 1/3cup(80ml), 1/2cup(125ml), 1cup(250ml)

          Material- Plastic

Package includes:

1 x 11 Pc Measuring Cup and Spoon Set

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