12V-24V 8A Adjustable Dimmer Switch For Single LED Strip

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DC 12V-24V 8A LED Bulb Dimmer Switch Brightness Controller

12V-24V DC 8A Adjustable Manual Knob Dimmer is a controller that can adjust brightness, its control mode is knob-operated control, you could adjust the light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance with your actual need. With a maximum load of 8 Amps, this LED dimmer can be used with constant voltage 12V to 24V LED devices. It also offers continuous single-channel dimming from 100% full brightness to 20% without flickering. A small footprint makes the LED dimmer ideal for use in display cases and in architectural and cove lighting applications.


  • 0~100% brightness adjustable
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Adjust the light soft and stable, with no flickering.
  • PWM digital dimming, avoid rush current, protect your LED lights
  • Mainly used to adjust single colour LED light lamps and Led Strip.
  • Constant voltage and constant current output can be connected with amplifiers to extend its load.


Model Type

12V 8A Dimmer




1 Channel 96W 12-24V (0-8A )

Static power consumption


Dimension(L x W x H)

Approx. 89 x 60 x 52mm

Working Temperature


Weight (gm)


Direction for use:

  • Connect the load wire at first, followed by the power wire. Please ensure a short circuit should not occur between connecting wires before you turn on the power.
  • Adopt rotary button, it functions as follows:
  • Rotate the button to the right, brightness will be brighter, when you rotate it to the far right, the brightness is greatest.
  • Rotate the button to the left, brightness will be darker, when you rotate it to the far left, the light will be turned off.      

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 12V-24V DC 8A Adjustable Manual Knob Dimmer Switches For Single LED Strip

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