18650 Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Module

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Colour: Blue
Cells: 2S 8.4V
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1-8S Cell Lithium Battery Level Indicator Module

Note: Color and Design of the PCB may differ from the Images.

1. When battery voltage is over N*3.3V, it will illuminate 1 block electricity quantity
(note:N represents battery quantity)
2. When battery voltage is over N*3.5V, it will illuminate 2 blocks electricity quantity
3. When battery voltage is over N*3.7V, it will illuminate 3 blocks electricity quantity
4. When battery voltage is over N*3.9V, it will illuminate 4 blocks electricity quantity
5.When battery voltage is less than N*3.3V,4 blocks display will be off;it represents battery is less than 3.3V,and you can charge the battery


Battery-type power display, select the corresponding pad on the tin, you can detect the battery voltage corresponding to 1S-8S, very convenient.

Warm sound tips: This model is not waterproof. If it is used outdoors, please waterproof it, because the electronic components should be used in a dry environment. Lithium-ion battery The battery indicator board that can be used in Ni-MH batteries, as long as the required voltage is within the range of the parameter list. How to use: Connect the positive and negative terminals of the display board to the positive and negative terminals of the battery under test. The digital tube displays the real-time battery power.


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