2 Pin Mini Universal Travel Adaptor

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Worldwide Universal Adapter 2pin for All Plugs

This Travel Adaptor is suitable for use with most 2-pole plugs. It is the safest way to plug in your portable, non-grounded devices around the world. It can be applied to a range of devices, including MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile phones, GPS, PDAs, travel speakers, etc

Features :

  • This Universal Travel Adapter possesses plugs for over 150 countries like UK/US/EU/AU/IND etc. Cool smart home gadgets with the multi-plug socket.
  • Safety Instructions- This Universal Travel Adapter Built-In safety surge protector protects users from the direct touch of the electrical parts into the socket outlet. Also a Fuse Protection and LED Indicator...safety gadgets electronic.
  • This Travel Adapter Converts Power Outlet Only, it Does Not Convert Electrical Output Current and Voltage..use an iPhone charger adapter, phone accessories, switchboard USB, etc.
  •  this adapter plug a safety system with which would automatically stop charging once the devices are fully charged or overheat, providing total protection to you and your devices.
  • Multiple socket plug perfect in travel accessories.

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