3.7V 600mAh 14500 Lithium-Ion Battery without Tip Top Cap

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3.7 Volt 600 mAh 14500 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Cell - AA Size

This Standard 14500 600mAh 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery without Tip Top is a single cell compact and powerful battery cell with 600 mAh capacity. This Li-ion battery is very convenient to install in your project where 3.7 Volt with high capacity is needed.

The Standard 14500 600mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery is a source of power for various portable devices including flashlights, hobby transmitters, and receivers, etc.

This Battery can be the best Replacement to the normal Non-Rechargeable AA Battery used in many applications such as in RC Transmitter/Reciever Remote, which can make your flight driving experience very cost-effective and efficient in terms of power output than that of conventional AA batteries.

The battery terminals can be used in any compatible battery adapter/holder or it can be permanently soldered to your applications power source wires.


  1. Shape: Cylindrical Battery
  2. Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Battery
  3. High performance and capacity
  4. Flat top to suit many devices fitting

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