3 Arm 360° Rotating Water Sprinkler [Ground Top] for Garden

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Water Sprinkler 3 Arm Round Lawn Sprinkler, 360 Degree Rotating Garden Sprinkler System

This revolving sprinkler is a perfect choice when wanting to water smaller yards and gardens. Its compact, all-plastic design provides a gentle rain-like watering pattern great for all watering tasks. The adjustable black nozzle ends can be rotated to customize the direction of spray or stop the sprinkler from spinning. The stationary setting is great for watering shrubs, trees, small areas, and individual plants

Irrigation as per Required Setting Available
Rotating spray nozzles allow for customization watering to meet your lawn's exact needs. The angle can be set to 90 degrees for more compact watering or 45 degrees for watering larger areas.

Installation Steps
Three Arm, Durable, Weather Resistant Abs Design, Rotary Lawn Sprinkler ,Easy Use-Connect To Water Source And Sprinkle, Watering Lawn Or Garden Patio Yard 360 Degree Rotating Sprinkler With Adjustable Arms To Choose A Different Angle Each With 4 Different Angle Outlets For Maximum Water Exposure, Save Unnecessary Water Waste Application.

Enjoy the Joy of Playing
Lawn sprinklers can be used for lawn, agriculture, nursery and grass irrigation, compatible with home, garden, yard, roads, greenhouse watering and cooling. Like any good summertime lawn sprinkler, this lawn sprinkler can also be used for kids' playtime. Let it spin, and let your kids funny play when using this lawn sprinkler on your garden!


  • Made of solid engineering plastic for extended durability.
  • Automatically rotating arms that provide even coverage, efficient and quick, saving you time and water.
  • Efficiently water your lawn with precision coverage while keeping the kids cool in the summer months.
  • Easy to use, just connect the water joint to the connector and tap.
  • Perfect for flowerbeds, sideyards, lawns, patios, courtyards, and vegetable and herb gardens.


  • 360-degree rotating spray, three Arm Rotary Lawn Sprinkler double water inlets, and water-saving design
  • Spray diameter: 26 to 32.8 feet
  • Purpose: lawn irrigation, garden watering, roof cooling
  • Material: High-quality ABS engineering plastic
  • Colour: Blue with Black
  • Product Dimensions: 6′ x 6′ x 3.5′
  • Item Weight: 7 oz
  • Features: ABS plastic, used for lawn irrigation, garden watering, cool roof, spraying a larger area.

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