4 Wheel Metal Chassis Black for Robotic DIY Car

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Model: [Type 1] Small 190x100x40mm
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Black Robot Metal Chassis - Four Wheel (4WD) 4 motors Robotics DIY Kit

A chassis consists of an internal vehicle frame that supports an artificial object in its construction and use, can also provide protection for some internal parts. An example of a chassis is the underpart of a motor vehicle, consisting of the frame (on which the body is mounted)

In an electronic device, the chassis consists of a frame or other internal supporting structure on which the circuit boards and other electronics are mounted.

Metal Chassis is a powder-coated Metal chassis for robots. Easy to mount the motors on the place by using normal motor mount nut.

This Chassis is brand new palletised Powder coated with scratch and corrosion resistant metal body chassis for small DIY hobby projects purpose with readymade 4 holes for motor fitting on its side edge and 1 hole at the top for wiring purpose.

This Chassis board is widely used as a mechanical frame structure of the robots.

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