580 Pcs Heat Shrink Set Tubing Insulation Assorted kit

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Heat Shrink Tubing (HST) Insulation Assorted kit : 45mm length – 580pcs

This package of Heat Shrink Tubing comes in its own storage container to help ensure that you don't have heat shrink all over the place. The tubes come in a large variety of sizes and colors and are cut to easy to use lengths.

Quantity x Diameter x Length x color
80 pcs x 1.0 x38mm Black
80 pcs x 1.5 x38mm Yellow
50 pcs x 2.0 x38mm Blue
50 pcs x 2.0 x38mm Black
30 pcs x 2.5 x38mm Black
30 pcs x 3.0 x38mm Green
30 pcs x 3.0 x38mm Clear
30 pcs x 3.5 x38mm Black
40 pcs x 4.0 x45mm Black
30 pcs x 4.0 x45mm Red
30 pcs x 5.0 x45mm Black
20 pcs x 6.0 x45mm Yellow
20 pcs x 8.0 x45mm Red
20 pcs x 10.0 x45mm Blue
20 pcs x 10.0 x45mm Black
20 pcs x 10.0 x45mm Clear

Note:- There can be some extra or shortage of a few HST sleeves because of the packaging error that can happen at the time of packaging and cutting of the sleeves. Please bear with us if there's a shortage and enjoy if you got some extra in the box.

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