Wall Mount Switch-Mode Power Supply DC Adapter

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Voltage : 12V
Ampere: 0.5A
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Supply Charger DC Pin Adapter in 5-Volt /6-Volt /9-Volt /12-Volt /14-Volt /15-Volt /24-Volt 500mA/ 1-Amp/ 2-Amp

Note:  Adapter Look, Design, and Color may change

  1. Versatility: The EU Pin Supply Charger Adapter offers multiple output options ranging from 5V to 24V, providing versatility to charge various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

  2. Compatibility: Designed with EU standard pins, this adapter is compatible with most European power outlets, ensuring seamless charging wherever you go within the EU.

  3. Convenience: Its compact and lightweight design makes it convenient for travel or everyday use. It easily fits into your bag or luggage, allowing you to stay powered up on the go.

  4. Efficiency: The adapter delivers fast and efficient charging, thanks to its high-quality components and advanced charging technology. You can charge your devices quickly and efficiently without compromising on performance.

  5. Safety: Equipped with built-in safety features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and short-circuit protection, the adapter ensures the safety of your devices during charging, giving you peace of mind.

  6. Durability: Constructed with durable materials, the EU Pin Supply Charger Adapter is built to last, providing reliable charging solutions for years to come.

  7. Cost-Effective: Instead of purchasing multiple chargers for different devices, the EU Pin Supply Charger Adapter offers multiple output options in one device, saving you money and reducing clutter.

  8. Environmentally Friendly: By investing in a single charger adapter for multiple devices, you can reduce electronic waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Note- Size and Style May Differ in every lot. 

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