[OD] 5v DIY Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Humidifier Moisture Atomizing Chip / Mist maker with Micro USB PCB Circuit + Rechargeable LiPo Battery and Micro USB Cable

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DC Humidifier USB spray module DIY incubation experiment

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This DC Ultrasonic Humidifiers Power Circuit Board with Atomizing Chip Moisture Film Humidification atomization machine is consist for the atomization plate tablet with a diameter of 20mm. This Ultrasonic Humidifier Piezoelectric Transmitter module works on the principle of cavitation produced by sound waves. Just provide the DC3-12V power supply it will turn into a mini ultrasonic atomizer.

As sound waves contain compression and rarefaction. Due to extremely rapid movement, water droplets can no longer sustain their liquid state and gets converted into vapor immediately. This vibration is produced by a piezoelectric filament.

The Ultrasonic Principle of Operation

A piezoelectric transducer immersed in a water bed, converts a high frequency, electronic signal into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation.  As the oscillation speed is increased to a level where the water particles can no longer follow the oscillating surface, a momentary vacuum and strong compression occur, leading to the explosive formation of air bubbles (cavitation).  At cavitation, broken capillary waves are generated, and tiny (1-micron diameter) droplets break the surface tension of the water and are quickly dissipated into the air, taking vapor form and absorbed into the air stream.


  1. Low noise operation.
  2. Small fog particles.
  3.  Long operation life.
  4.  High stability.
  5. Driving Voltage: DC 3-12V.
  6. High Conversion Efficiency.
  7. Low Impedance Stable Waveform.
  8. Low Dielectric Loss.
  9. Strong Corrosion Resistance.
  10. Applications: for high-end toys, micro humidifier, etc 113±3 KHz 3000±15% ρF.

Package Includes:

1 x DC 5V Ultrasonic Humidifiers Power Circuit Board & Atomizing Chip.
1 x Rechargeable LiPo Battery
1 x Micro USB Cable


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