60KTYZ 2.5RPM Synchronous Gear Incubator Motor with Gear Wheel

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Egg Turning Motor 2.5RPM Low Noise Gearbox Electric Motor High Low Speed Synchronous Reduction Motor

  • 2205V/50Hz 1.5rpm/min low speed AC synchronous motor, CW/CCW control, which can be rotated counterclockwise or clockwise by adjusting the wiring method. The motor lead wire is waterproofed at the outlet of the outer casing
  • The diameter of the output shaft is 0.351 inches (8 mm), and it is supported by two ball bearings, the axial sway is less than 0.3mm, the noise is low and the motor runs smoothly and reliably
  • High torque of the motor: rated output torque 6Kg.cm, Good low-voltage starting performance:low-voltage start ≥98V,Low power consumption:rated power 10W
  • The motor can work continuously.Special design of the motor, using UL-certified copper wire, winding temperature rise ≤70K. According to the test, when the ambient temperature is 82°F, the max shell temperature is 145°F,Don’t touch the shell
  • This motor has been widely used in agitated beverage machines and low-speed machines , and its performance is stable and reliable, and it is trusted by users

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