9W LED Bulb Driver

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9W LED Bulb Driver 

This LED bulb driver for a 9W LED bulb is an electronic device that regulates the electrical current flowing to the bulb. The driver is designed specifically for use with LED bulbs and is necessary to ensure that the bulb receives the correct amount of power and operates efficiently.

The LED bulb driver for a 9W bulb typically includes a number of features, including:

  1. Voltage regulation: The driver ensures that the voltage supplied to the LED bulb remains constant, even if the input voltage from the power source fluctuates.

  2. Current regulation: The driver controls the amount of electrical current that flows through the LED bulb, ensuring that it does not exceed the rated maximum.

  3. Efficiency: The driver is designed to be highly efficient, minimizing power losses and reducing energy consumption.

  4. Dimming capabilities: Some LED bulb drivers for 9W bulbs may also have dimming capabilities, allowing the user to adjust the brightness of the bulb.

  5. Thermal protection: The driver may include protection against overheating, which can damage the LED bulb and shorten its lifespan.

Product Description

  •  Output Wattage: 9W
  •  Input Voltage: 80V - 300V
  •  Output Voltage: 54V to 82V
  •  PF: 0.97
  •  Tough Design
  •  Longer life

Product Includes:

1 x 9W LED Bulb Driver 

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