12V Lead Acid /Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator/ Voltage Tester /Voltmeter LCD Display

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12V-84V Lead-Acid 3-17 Strings Lithium Battery Power Display Meter Power Display GY-6GS Green Self setting

Lead-acid and Lithium batteries can be used to visually display battery state power;
With the switch, easy to install and use, no need for an external control switch;
The front is a PVC film, the surface can be waterproof;
Liquid crystal display, power saving, saving more than 50% power over conventional power

The following battery is universal
Lithium battery: 2 string 3 string 4 string........15 string 16 string 17 string
Lead acid: 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 84V


Operating current: <5mA
Display mode: LCD percentage% / Voltage
Color: Green
Waterproof grade: surface waterproof

About Installation
Installation method: shell with snap-lock (without screws)
Product Size: 61.3*33.3*13.5mm
Embedded size: 58.5*28.5mm

Package includes:
1 * 12V-84V Lead-acid Battery Capacity Voltage Indicator
1 * Cable

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