Alkon: SB 3-C Conductive ESD Supra Bin 220mm X 130mm X 125mm

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Alkon FPO Conductive Supra Bin SB3-C (for ESD Anti-Static Use)

  • Made from Conductive Polypropylene.
  • Strong rear lip for use with Louvre Panel.
  • Strong heavy-duty, with reinforced base side & stacking rim.
  • Resistant to most industrial solvents.
  • Clear access to contents.
  • All bins with identification cardholder slots.
  • Incorporates a safety stop feature in SB 4-C, SB 5-C, SB 6-C, at the back for use in shelves.
  • Colour of Bin & Partition - Black.


    • Art No:  SB 3-C
    • Outside Dimensions in mm : 220 (L)  x 130 (W) x 125 (H)
    • Inside Dimensions  in mm : 200 (L)  x 115 (W) x 115 (H)




    To a greater or lesser extent all contact between objects, every separation of one item from another, each sliding of one thing on another, causes a disturbance of electrical charge. When charge disturbance takes place faster than charge redistribution, static charge accumulates. ESD occurs where charges of different electrostatic potentials meet. The ow of electrons is usually sudden and releases energy that can damage electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDs) This is referred to as triboelectric generations.

    Static charges of up to 30000 volts are not uncommon and can be generated by the simple act of walking across a floor, yet a discharge of only 10 volts can destroy a class 1 ESD-sensitive device.

    A material that inhibits the generation of triboelectric generation is classified as anti-static. 

    Only conductive or static dissipative anti-static material should be used in ESD-protected areas.

    Please note: Colours shown are similar, not exact to actual product colors. We ship randomly.

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