AS-10 AC/DC 12V 10A Automatic On/Off Photocell Street Lamp Light Switch Controller

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Automatic ON Off Day, Night Photo Control Sensor Optical Switch DC 12V Street Lights, Home Light Indoor Outdoor Light LDR Switch.

AS-10 type electric lamp automatic switch is based on a novel photoelectric switch photoelectric semiconductor element to design characteristics. It is mainly composed of a photoresistor sealed by CDs and an integrated circuit.


  1. The interior is equipped with environmental illumination automatic detection circuit, which automatically shut down during the day, and at night automatically opens.
  2. Using the three-wire system, compatible with the resistive, inductive, and capacitive load of a variety of lamps.
  3. Control object for LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp(≤1000W), exhaust fan, etc.
  4. With the environmental conditions, change the delay function.


  1. Model: AS-10
  2. Input Voltage :DC 12V
  3. Max Load Current: 10A
  4. Frequency: 50-60HZ
  5. Dimensions: 10 x 4.2cm
  6. Weight: 48g

Package includes: 

1 x AS-10 AC/DC 12V 10A  Automatic On/Off Photocell Street Lamp Light Switch Controller.

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