BC 547 NPN General Purpose Transistor

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BC547 NPN General Purpose Transistor 45V 100mA TO-92 Package

A BC547 transistor is a negative-positive-negative (NPN) transistor that is used for many purposes. Together with other electronic components, such as resistors, coils, and capacitors, it can be used as the active component for switches and amplifiers. Like all other NPN transistors, this type has an emitter terminal, a base or control terminal, and a collector terminal.

There are various types of transistors, and the BC547 is a bipolar junction transistor (BJT). There are also transistors that have one junction, such as the junction field-effect transistor, or no junctions at all, such as the metal oxide field-effect transistor (MOSFET). During the design and manufacture of transistors, the characteristics can be predefined and achieved.

The negative (N)-type material inside an NPN transistor has an excess of electrons, while the positive (P)-type material has a lack of electrons, both due to a contamination process called doping. It is used in general-purpose switching and amplification BC847/BC547 series 45 V, 100 mA NPN general-purpose transistors.

Product Details

  • Product: BC547 Transistor
  • Polarity: NPN
  • Number of pins: 3
  • package: TO-92
  • Mounting type: Through hole
  • Package contains: 5 x BC547 NPN General Purpose Transistor
  • Collector-emitter voltage: 45V
  • Collector-base voltage: 50V
  • Emitter-base voltage: 6V
  • Continuous collector current: 500mA
  • Maximum DC current gain (hFE): 800
  • Total power dissipation: 625mW
  • Storage and operating temperature range: -55℃ to +150℃
  • Driver modules like relay driver, LED driver, etc
  • Amplifier modules like audio amplifier, signal amplifier, etc
  • General-purpose switching application
  • Darlington pair

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