BIFRC V3 12V DIY Portable Spot Welding PCB Circuit Board For 18650 Lithium Battery

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DIY Portable 12V Battery Energy Storage Spot Welding PCB Circuit Board

This circuit with a 12V battery will become a storage spot welding machine for lithium battery, nickel-chromium battery and other nickel sheet welding, according to different configurations can be welded thickness of 0.1MM-0.15mm or so.

Button function:

The button can switch modes. Each mode corresponds to a different welding time. The LED corresponds to red/green/blue/white/yellow/powder/purple, 7 modes, the shortest red time and the largest purple welding time. Long press to set the waiting time, the default is 3 seconds, and the maximum can be set to 10 seconds.

Basic parameters :

- Supply voltage: 7V-12V (capacity X rate = must be greater than 150A~200A)
- Current requirements: 150A or more instantaneous output (such as car starter power supply, 3S RC high-power battery pack, 20A lead-acid battery with good performance above 20A)
The 18650 battery and DC power cannot be used as a power supply. It must have a high rate RC battery or a car battery.
- Working current: 150A-200A
- Support: Farad capacitor


Requires certain welding technology and circuit knowledge.
The parts received are parts, which need to be assembled by welding.


Capacitors must be welded or an instant restart will cause MOS to break down.

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