Contact Cement Leather Rexine Rubber Adhesive 25ml

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Multipurpose compatible with Industrial Glue Semi Fluid transparent Adhesive 

This adhesive can be used for board, plywood, fire prevention board, density board, flax board, fillet board, aluminum-plastic board, etc. Some steel, aluminum, rubber, plastic, leather, cloth, and other materials can also be glued.

This adhesive is widely used in interior decoration, art advertising, automobile interior decoration.


Wipe off the oil, dirt, and other contaminants on the bonding surface. If the surface contains a mold release agent (the product is coated on the mold during molding, which has an anti-adhesion effect), the mold release agent should be wiped off the surface with solvent before bonding. For particularly smooth and difficult to adhere surfaces, it should be beaten.
Apply glue evenly on the bonding surface with a brush or scraper from inside to outside (if a large area is glued, it is recommended to apply glue on both bonding surfaces at the same time), and let it dry for 5 ~ 15 minutes under 70% ambient temperature condition and humidity (subject to slightly non-stick hand).

The hold aligns with the bonding surface once and is extruded from the inside to the outside (to remove air bubbles). It is compacted with a rubber hammer or a wooden hammer. The strength can be achieve

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