0.28in 0-100v DC Voltmeter Module Three Wire

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0.28 inch DC 0-100V 3-Wire Mini Gauge Voltage meter Voltmeter LED Display

  • Operating Voltage: 0-100 VDC
  • It is a 3-wire display.
  • LED Color: GREEN
  • Current Consumption : < 10 mA.
  • Accuracy: 0.1 V.
  • Refresh Speed : Approx 200mS/time.
  • The display on Voltage: 3 V.(but not measure accurately up to 3.6V).

This is a tiny and compact digital voltmeter with a green LED Display. The 0.28inch 0-100V Three Wire DC Voltmeter Green Panel requires only a few minutes of configuration and is as simple as directly connecting wires to the source you want to measure and seeing the LED blink!!!!

The red wire is to connect to the positive pole, the black wire is to connect to the negative pole and the yellow/white wire is to connect to the positive pole of that source or another source across which we meant to measure the voltage. While measuring the supply voltage of another source make sure that the negative pole is joined common. No need to worry even if there is any connection mismatch of the wires, the electric circuit won’t be a boom because it features reverse polarity protection.

To reach the best measurement accuracy, this voltmeter will automatically move the decimal point’s position according to the different measuring voltages. When it measures the voltage below 10V, it will display two places after the decimal point. When it measures the voltage above 10V, it will display one place after the decimal point.

This voltmeter can be used to measure the storage battery’s voltage in motorcycles and cars and also can grasp the storage battery’s status. It also can be used to measure other voltages. 100V is the voltmeter’s maximum operating limited voltage, please leave enough margin when working, to avoid the voltmeter’s permanent damage because of an electrical spark, power supply ripple, or other too high abrupt change of voltage.

Very bight and decent LED Display is ready to measure the dc voltages in the range of 0V to 100V.

Connections :

Red Wire: Positive of the Power supply

Black Wire: Negative of the Power supply and also used as the negative of the measurement voltage source

Yellow/White/Blue: Positive of the measurement voltage source

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