Mini DC-DC Boost Converter 0.9V-5V to 5V 600MA USB Output charger Step-Up Power Module

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0.9V-5V to 5Volt 600 MA USB Output charger step up Mini DC-DC Boost Converter

Great Step-up Module with 0.9-5V input, output 5V for many digital devices, so this is really a great module for designing a portable charger. Useful for your USB charger projects and onboard USB device supply solutions. (ie GoPro cameras)

You can supply it with single-cell LiPO or an AA size batter or others. Two AA batteries it can output current of 500 ~ 600MA, a single AA battery power supply can output 200ma current supply, great for mobile phones camera, single-chip, digital products supply.

  1. USB voltage regulator for USB-powered device.
  2. This module will bring the USB voltage required for your application at regulated 5V output.
  3. Various USB devices need 5V from low voltage batteries.
  4. Charge mobile phone/MP4/MP3 from AA battery when traveling


  1. The module adopts a high-performance imported chip, performance is superior to the common module.
  2. Work with indicator light.
  3. Take the USB female, a wide range of Uses.
  4. A single AA battery power supply can output current up to 200~300 ma.
  5. Two AA batteries to the output current of 500~600 mA.
  6. Work from battery voltage as low as 0.9V, allowing you to maximize battery use.
  7. If your USB device is critical on 5V operation you can use this module.


  1. Input voltage: 0.9-5V DC
  2. Output voltage: 5V DC
  3. Output Current: 500-600mA
  4. Load regulation: 1%
  5. Voltage regulation: 0.5%
  6. Input Terminals: Input: IN + input is level, IN-type negative
  7. Switching frequency: 500KHz
  8. Temperature Range: -40 to +85
  9. Dimension: 18 (mm) x 25 (mm)
  10. Weight : 5 g

Note: This module is not suitable for running a DC motor,  as the module is not able to handle the high current requirement of a DC motor but it can run a small DC Toy motor, whose current requirement is less than 100milli amp.

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