Digital Multimeter DT-9205A

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DT9205A Digital Multimeter  With Probes

  • DT9205A Big LCD Screen
  • Type: Multimeter
  • Model Name: DT9205A
  • With the automatic shutdown, about 25 minutes
  • LCD screen with high contrast 70 × 40-mm screen, word up to 25 mm


1. CMOS integrated circuits, principles of double integral A / D conversion, automatic zero, auto polarity selection, over-range indication.

2. LCD screen with high contrast 70 × 40-mm screen, word up to 25 mm. Required by the viewing position, the display screen can be at a visual angle of about 70 °, in order to obtain the best effect observed.

3. With the automatic shutdown, about 25 minutes after the power is automatically cut off power to prevent the meter off after use-forgotten power. Repeat powers switch operation, we can continue to boot.

4. The new optimized design of a highly reliable range/function rotary switch structure. Use 32 stalls; more effectively avoid misuse, attention to maintenance.

This Digital Multimeter DT9205A has a number of features like an Automatic polarity indication Diode and transistor (hFE) test,

  • Ranging mode: manual
  • Basic accuracy: 0.8% (1.0% for 2000k range
  • Overload protection: 220Vrms max.
  • For 15 seconds Over range: yes
  • Transistor test: yes
  • Diode test: yes Low-battery indication
  • Voltage measurements: AC 500V and DC 500V max.
  • Current measurements: DC 10A max.
  • Resistance measurements: 2Mohm DC
  • voltage: 200m/2/20/200/1000V AC
  • voltage: 200m/2/20/200/750V DC
  • current: 2/20/200n/2/20/200u/2/20m/200m/20A AC
  • current: 20/200m/2A Resistance: 2/20/2000m/2/20/200k/2M
  • Overload protection: 200mA 250V fuse (20A-range is not fuse-protected) Auto Power off
  • Material: Plastic & Metal Test Leads Total Length: Approx 70cm/27.56"
  • Multimeter Size: (Approx) 20cm x 9cm x 3cm
  • Weight: 335g
  • Power By: 1 x 9V 6F22 battery (Included)

Note: This multimeter has the feature of measuring capacitance, But we find this feature not much reliable as sometimes the readings are above the actual reading of the capacitor.

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