Dual USB Output 9V-12V-24V to 5V 3A DC-DC Car Charging Voltage - Stabilizer Module

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12V/24V to 5V dual socket 3A DC-DC car charging lithium battery charging board charger module + protection dual function

This is Dual USB Output 9V/12V/24V to 5V 3A DC-DC Car Charging Voltage- Stabilizer Module. It can be directly installed on 9V/12V/24V vehicle battery to charge the mobile tablet or any other gadget which need 5V DC supply up to 3A.

The module has the variable input voltage range ranging from 6V to 24V. Two USB output provides the Stabilized 5V DC output at both Channels simultaneously

Caution Notes:
  1. The input voltage should not exceed 24V, otherwise, the chip will be damaged.
  2. Input positive and negative poles cannot be reversed, otherwise, the chip will be damaged.
  3. Do not touch the resistance, capacitance and IC foot of the circuit board with your hands when working on power, otherwise, due to body static charge, it may cause a sudden change of output voltage to damage the equipment.


  1. Input voltage range: 6-26V.
  2. Output voltage: 5.2V (consider the charge line loss, the output is 5.2V or so, the load side is about 5V).
  3. Output current: 3A (in the absence of a heat sink device, the stable output current is 2A).
  4. Two output Port can charge two devices simultaneously.
  5. Buck Voltage Stabilization provides Stable voltage and protects the device from any voltage surge damage
  6. Supports up to 3A output which provides Fast Charging to the supportable device.

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