1M Float Sensor Switch For Water Level Controller

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A float switch sensor is a device that is used to detect the level of a liquid in a tank or container and control the flow of water based on the level. It consists of a float that is attached to a switch, and as the float rises or falls with the level of the liquid, it activates or deactivates the
switch. The switch is connected to a control system, such as a water pump, via a 2-meter (6.6 feet) wire, and the control system is programmed to tum the pump on or off based on the state of the switch. Float switch sensors are commonly used in applications where the liquid level
needs to be monitored or controlled, such as in sump pumps, water tanks, and overflow protection systems.

They are often preferred over other types of level sensors because they are simple, reliable, and inexpensive. Float switch sensors may be used with liquids that are compatible with the materials used in the sensor, and they may have a maximum operating temperature and pressure
rating. Used for detecting the level of liquid within a tank. The switch may be used in a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or other devices.

How to Use - Insert the cable in the counterweight (Orange Color Part) from the conical part and rotate it. Thus causing the plastic ring inserted in the opening to become detached (if necessary this operation can be facilitated with the use of a screwdriver). The ring should then be
positioned at the point where it is desired to block the counterweight. Force the counterweight on the ring by rotating it using slight pressure


  • Corrosion Free,
  • Sturdy and durable & need no maintenance.
  • No current/voltage is passed through water, therefore no electrolysis or Salt deposition.
  • Long life (approximate 10 million operations)
  • Rustproof (entire sensor body in polypropylene)
  • Can be used in hard water or fuel such as diesel, kerosene, oil, etc.


1 x Float Sensor Switch For Water Level Controller

Rated voltage:  250V AC
Rated current: 8A
Mechanical endurance: ~ 2100,000 times
Electrical endurance: ~ 500,000 times
Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 5 cms
Weight: 690 grams

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