HB100 Microwave Doppler Radar Wireless Motion Sensor

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HB100 10.525GHz Microwave Sensor (2-16m)

HB Series of microwave motion sensor modules are X-Band Mono-static DRO Doppler transceiver front-end modules. These modules are designed for movement detection, like intruder alarms, occupancy modules and other innovative ideas. The module consists of Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO), microwave mixer and patch antenna.


  • Low current consumption
  • CW or Pulse operation
  • Flat profile
  • Long detection range                                                                                        
  • X-Band Frequency 10.5 GHz
  • Operating Voltage 4.5V to 5.2V 
  • Operating Current (CW): 50mA max., 30mA typical
  • Fd= 19.49V (Velocity in km/hour) or 31.36V (V in mile per hour)
  • Fd=> Doppler frequency (If a target is moving straight toward or away from HB100 (Ft = 10.525 GHz))

Doppler shift

Doppler shift output from IF terminal when movement is detected. The magnitude of the Doppler Shift is proportional to the reflection of transmitted energy and is in the range of microvolts (μV). A high gain low-frequency amplifier is usually connected to the IF terminal in order to amplify the Doppler shift to a processable level. The frequency of the Doppler shift is proportional to the velocity of motion. Typical human walking generates a Doppler shift below 100 Hz. (hb100_microwave_sensor_datasheet)


  • Doppler
  • DThe radiated emissions of HB100 are designed to meet the requirements of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, Part 15, Section 15.245 (use within a building or to open building door)
  • The Received Signal Strength (RSS) is measured at the total 2 ways path loss of 93dB.
  • The noise voltages are measured from 10 Hz to 100 Hz at the output port, inside an Anechoic chamber.
  • CAUTION: ELECTROSTATIC SENSITIVE DEVICE. Observe precautions for handling and storage. 

Package Includes: 

 1 x HB100 Microwave Doppler Radar Wireless Motion Sensor

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