HTC: DET-99 0-10-1000 Ohms Digital Earth Resistance Tester

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HTC DET-99 - Digital Earth Tester 0-10-1000 Ohms

The meter measures earth resistance in both ungrounded and grounded systems. It can also be used to measure cable resistances and continuity across wires and circuit breakers. The HTC DET-99 also displays capacitance and inductance readings. It is a must-have item for any electrician, electrician apprentice, or home handyman who works on electrical systems. Having a secure earth connection is an essential part of any electrical installation, and the DET-99 can test it in seconds. The large LCD screen displays eight different types of information, including earth resistance and earth loop impedance, as well as the current voltage. It is used to check the resistance of earths in electrical installations. It is an essential for electrical inspectors, health and safety officers, building maintenance engineers, and electricians. It can also be used for testing the insulation resistance of live parts as well as the contact resistance of protection devices or plugs in socket outlets. The built-in display shows the results in easy to read digits. An audible alarm at each test limits helps you clearly identify the status of each test point. This is a great tool to have along with you when you are rewiring some of the major appliances like the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and even the refrigerator. It can also help to check out what is going on with some of the other things that are connected to the home's electrical system such as computers, phones, etc.


  • Range: 0-10-1000 Ohms
  • Four terminals {To measure earth resistance as well as specific soil resistivity}
  • Power : Rechargeable batteries
  • Accessories : Soft Carrying Case, Solder free Female Plugs, Reachargeable batteries x 4, 15VDC Adapter, Instruction Manual

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