IRS2092S High Power 500W Class D HIFI Digital Amplifier Board

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IRS 2092S 500 Watt Mono Channel Digital Amplifier Class D HiFi Power Amp Board with Fan

Digital amplifier with high output power. Great sound quality, less distortion than the common amplifier. This is a pure power amplifier board, the sensitivity of the input signal is 1.5V RMS, if your input signal voltage can't reach this value, it is recommended to add a preamp.

1. Power supply: DC dual power supply 58 70v
2. Rated output power: 500w ( 65v power supply, 4-ohm load, 10% deformation)
3. Efficiency: greater than 90%
4. S / N ratio: 90db
5. Total harmonic distortion:
380w (+/- 65 power 4 ohm speaker, distortion <0.1%)
280w (+/- 65 power 8 ohm speaker, distortion <0.1%)
6. Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
7. Voltage magnification: 36 times
8. Input sensitivity 1.5v (RMS)
9. Output short circuit protection: yes
10. Output DC bias protection Speaker protection: yes
11. Overheat protection: Yes, the temperature of the radiator is higher than 100 degrees Celsius, turn off the output!
12. Product size: about 100 50 30mm
13. Net weight: 100g

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