LDR Light Sensor Module

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Digital LDR Photo Resistor Module

The Digital LDR Module is used to detect the presence of light / measuring the intensity of light. The output of the module goes high in the presence of light and it becomes low in the absence of light. The sensitivity of signal detection can be adjusted using the potentiometer.

Use it to detect the light brightness in your environment and decide to switch OFF or ON light. Or maybe adjust the brightness of the LED of your house?

You can adjust the threshold (sensitivity) of the digital output by tuning the onboard variable resistor (potentiometer). Simple usage as it is the digital output, so you will know the light present and decide what to do with it.

It comes with an M3 mounting hole for ease of attaching it to an object. Onboard, it provides an LDR, high sensitivity and commonly being used for light detection. The module comes with a power LED and a status LED as an indicator.

LDR Module Photosensitive resistor module most sensitive to environmental light intensity is generally used to detect the ambient brightness and light intensity.

How it works

1. Module light conditions or light intensity reach the set threshold, DO port output high when the external ambient light intensity exceeds a set threshold, the module D0 output low;
2. Digital output D0 is directly connected to the MCU, and detect high or low TTL, thereby detecting ambient light intensity changes;
3. Digital output module DO  can directly drive the relay module, which can be composed of a photoelectric switch.

Pin details

VCC ↔ 3.3V to 5V DC.
GND ↔ Ground.
DO ↔ Digital Output.

Features :

  1. LM393-based design.
  2. It can detect ambient brightness and light intensity.
  3. Adjustable sensitivity (via blue digital potentiometer adjustment).
  4. Output Digital – 0V to 5V, Adjustable trigger level from preset.
  5. LEDs indicating output and power.

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