Marina Retro RC Aircraft Balsa Laser Kit

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Marina Retro RC Air Plane Craft Balsa Laser Kit 

  • 4 Channel RC Trainer
  • Length: 845mm
  • Chord: 250mm
  • Wing Span: 1524mm
  • All-UP Flying weight: 1500 Gms

Required Electronics (not included in the package)

  • Avionic 3536 KV1100 Brushless Motor or 0.26 four-stroke engine
  • Wolfpack 40amp ESC
  • Avionic AV9DMG 9gms Digital Metal gear servos (2nos) for ailerons
  • Covering film (approx 3 to 4 meters)
  • Avionic AV17DMG 17 gms digital metal gear servos (2nos). One each for rudder and elevator (one extra for your engine if you are flying glow)
  • Wolfpack 11.1V (3S) 2800 - 3000mah 25C Lipo
  • Plastic Electric Prop 11x8.5E
  • 2.4GHz 4CH transmitter or 6CH Transmitter AVIONIC RCB 6i 

The Mariana Retro RC Aircraft Balsa Laser Kit is a vintage model aircraft kit and a great fun trainer model which performs loops, rolls or low level 8 turns. Being a high winger and a flat bottom rib profile it's very easy to handle and predictable in the air. This Laser Cut Aircraft Model Kit is best known for its gentle climbs, elegant glides (remember this has a dihedral angle) and stable inverted flights.

All parts are laser precision cut and have been tested for perfect tolerances.

Accessories provided in the kit includes wheels, hinges, main landing gear, tail gear, clevises, blind-nuts and screws, FRP cowl, linkage stoppers, carbon fibre rods, Pushrods with guides etc.

MARINA is a modified and based on the original 3 CH Corker by Alan Wooster.

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