Mirror Touch Switch With Dimmer 12/24v 60w

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12 Volt  24 Volt Triple Mirror Touch Switch With Dimmer

This Touch Control Sensor Switch is the perfect addition to smart light mirrors. With a simple 12V/24V DC supply, it enables users to activate LED lights with a single touch. The switch is specially designed to control two mirror lights, where a single touch will illuminate each LED one after the other. The first touch lights up the LED connected to the blue wire, and the second touch activates the LED connected to the white wire. On the third touch, both LEDs will light up together, and the fourth touch will switch off both LEDs.

The module also features a brightness control for both LED strips. Upon powering the module, the touch switch will glow white, and once the LED is switched on, the white light will change to blue. The touch switch also has a backlight feature that illuminates the switch for ease of use.

To set up, connect the input to a 12V/24V DC power supply and the output to two LED strips. The red positive wire is common for both LED strips, while the blue and white negative wires connect to the negative of both LED strips. To adjust the LED intensity, users can touch and hold the switch continues to dim or brighten the LED. Once the desired brightness is achieved, removing and replacing the finger will switch between the two intensities. These adjustments can be made for either single or both LED strips.


  • LED can be made ON-OFF just by a single touch.
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Lighting control
  • Gets connected with two LED strips and both the LED’s intensity can be altered.
  • Easy to connect with LEDs

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