Multimeter: DT-266F Professional Digital Clamp Meter With Frequency Measurement

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Professional Digital Clamp Meter For AC/DC Voltage, Current & Frequency Measurement 

DM6266 digital clamp meter is a professional clamp meter used for measuring DC and AC voltage, resistance, and diode with continuity buzzer, data hold, and insulation test function. AC Tong tester is a good helper to test and troubleshoot faults present in the electrical and electronic system. It's easy to use in narrow spaces.


  • Digital clamp meter Common function: 3 1/2 digits LCD, Max. Reading 1999. data-hold function. Take battery signal sensor. Plug-in Insulation Tester Adapter 500VDC

  • The clamp multimeter will not be easily destroyed by overload testing for overload protection, and the meter will turn off the auto power after 10 minutes of no action to save energy

  • Autoranging clamp multimeter can be used to measure AC voltage, resistance, diode test, data hold, maximum hold value. Troubleshooting electrical problems safely.

  • If you have basic knowledge about multimeters then you can try this small multimeter for basic continuity check and voltage measurement and can also be used for heavy ampere measurement in heavy load wires.

  • This Multimeter also has feature of frequency measurement,where it can measure a frequency upto 2000hz.
DC Voltage: 2V, 20V, 200V, 1000V ±(0.5%+1)
Resolution: 1V
AC Voltage:  200V, 750V ±(1.2%+5)
Resolution: 1V
AC Current: 200-1000A(±2.5%)
Resolution: 1A
Frequency 2kHz
Operating Temperature 0°C~750°C
Buzzer <50Ω
Resistance: 200-200M(±1.0%)
LCD Max. Reading: 1999
LCD Display Size: ~22mmx~44mm
Jaw Size ~55mm
Size: ~235mm x~100mm x~40mm
Security Level CAT II 1000V/ CAT III 600V


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