Neodymium Channel Countersunk Ring Magnets

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Rare Earth Neodymium Strong Countersunk Ring Hole Magnets

Neodymium Ring Countersunk Magnet is small sized facing of countersunk neodymium magnet and perfect for any carpentry or home improvement projects.

The specially designed countersunk hole enables the convenient use of flat head countersunk screws for securing to any flat or recessed area.


  • Specially designed countersunk hole works with flat head countersunk screws
  • Facing pair polarity allows single or dual objects installation
  •  Ideal for Magnetising, wood, plastic, Aluminium, thick cardboard objects.

Please note that all neodymium magnets are brittle in nature and may break if collide with another neodymium magnet due to the extreme attraction force.

  • Handle and separate magnet with care
  • Only separate them when about to install or use
  • Do not allow magnet to jump together after separation
  • Do not over tighten magnet with power tools


  • 20x5x5:- Outer Dia: 20mm | Thickness(Height) : 5mm | Hole(Inner Dia) : 5mm 

Note: The use of Different measuring devices and cameras can result in slight differences in terms of dimensions and colours of the above-listed product when compared to the actual product received by the customer.

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