Neon Flexible Rope/Tube/Wire/String Waterproof LED Strip (5 Meter)

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5M Light Dance Party Decor Light Neon LED Lamp Flexible Rope Tube Waterproof LED Strip – Only EL Wire

This type of light is commonly used to make a shiny wearable costume and decoration of vehicles. It can be bent like a thin neon tube, making it perfect for flexible decoration. Have fun and light up your life! 360-degree illumination with steady on, slow flashing, and quick flashing modes. Various modes to achieve various moods and tempos When an alternating current is applied to EL wire, a thin copper wire coated in phosphor glows in a 360-degree unbroken light.

NOTE: To run this neon led string you will need a specific driver available on our website 

NOTE: The luminance of the light emitted is more efficient at night and in dark areas and the pictures shown above is just for the representation of the effect produced by the light, the actual light emitted may vary.


  1. The Christmas tree decorations, Christmas CARDS, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts.
  2. Ads make font, product hook painting, decorative curtain, curtain decoration, building internal and external lighting decoration floor landscape, stage, and bar.
  3. Car seat cushion, seat cover, steering wheel cover, peach wooden decoration, car decoration, car interior, instrument box pendulum pendant.
  4. Transparent computer chassis internal and external decoration, cable winding, mouse, keyboard.
  5. Electronic flash toys, flash blue glasses, pet belts, backpacks, hats, handbags, clothing, shoes, bicycles decorations, luminous hand ring (collar), and some other luminous toy craft gift!


  1. Flexible and water-resistant, can be bent into any shape and cut into any length
  2. Can offer 360 degrees of illumination
  3. Energy-saving, long lifetime
  4. Long lifetime, more than 12,000 hours.

Package Includes:

1 x Neon Flexible Rope/Tube/Wire/String Waterproof LED Strip (5 Meter) - WHITE

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