New: 6-12V RF-370 Mini Air Pump Motor for Pet Aquarium Tank

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Model: Type 2: (with L Shape Mounting Bracket)
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12V Mini Air Pump Motor for Pet Aquarium Tank Oxygen Circulation

This is an RF-370CA 10750 Mini Air Pump DC12V. It is often used for aquarium tank oxygen circulation and DIY projects. It works by circulating fluid within the pump head, which creates a vacuum. It is widely used for building science projects fire-extinguishers, fire fighting robots, DIY Hydraulics, waterfalls, Oxygen, Air, fountains, and plant watering systems.


  1. Good Quality Pump
  2. Operating Voltage 12VDC
  3. Low Noise Operation
Product RF-370CA 10750 Mini Air Pump
Supply Voltage
12V DC
Air Pump
Material Metal, Plastic
Length 59mm
Dia/Width 27mm
Outlet Length 6.2mm
Outlet Nozzle Diameter 3.0mm
Usage Type Air Oxygen, Aquarium tank

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