Noel 25-Watt Soldering Iron 220-230v

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Noel 25W Soldering Iron with LED Power Indicator Model-Super

Introducing the 25 Watt Soldering Iron, also known as a Soldering Gun, which comes equipped with a LED Power Indicator. This high-quality Soldering Iron is rated for 25 watts and is an excellent choice for students and hobbyists who are in need of a reliable general-purpose Soldering Iron.

Our 25 Watt Noel Soldering Iron is perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of soldering. It offers a basic soldering experience that is affordable and locally available. With its LED indicator, you can easily keep track of the on-off status of the iron, which is especially important for extended use. This Soldering Iron does not have an auto power cut-off, so it is ideal for learners who are new to soldering.

Experience advanced heating, ease of use, and effective results with this 25 Watt Led Soldering Iron. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, this Soldering Iron is an essential tool for any workshop or DIY project.

Features :

  1. LED for Power Indication
  2. Sleek Handle with inbuilt Stand
  3. Replaceable Bit
  4. Cartridge Type Filament to Enhance Efficiency
  5. Electroplated Bit For Long Life
  6. Workable Heat in Just two minutes
  7. Advanced Heating element
  8. High-Quality Nickel-Copper plated Bit
  9. Quickly attains a working temperature
  10. Constant Tip temperature
  11. Low current leakage
  12. LED light indicator
  13. 3-core molded plug
  14. Polypropylene handle for a better quality body
  15. Output Power(Watt): 25
  16. Operating Voltage (VDC) 220 ~ 230

Package Includes :

1 x Noel 25 W Soldering Iron

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