Paper Circuits Kit - Best STEM Kit for Juniors

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Paper Circuit Kit – Light It Up - 10 Templates with Accessories

Welcome to Electronics for Kids! Let’s learn to create electronic projects directly on paper using simple components.
This fun kit will teach you how to make cool things by putting together the same parts that are inside televisions, electronic toys, radios, and all the other gadgets in the world.

You can make many different paper-based projects that light-up in cool and surprising ways when you learn circuitry basics using LEDs, copper tape, and coin cell batteries. Building on a starter paper circuit’s project, you can experiment with more advanced techniques like creating a DIY switch or making a parallel circuit with multiple lights.
Explore more ideas, materials, and projects such as glowing pinwheels, light up helicopters, and pop-up cards. Have fun and get creative to light up your world however you want!

By combining aesthetics and basic electronics you can create projects like greeting cards, origami, and traditional art such as paintings or drawings. You’ll do more than just follow directions, you’ll learn how every component in each project works.

We hope that when you know how those components work, you’ll see how to create your own inventions by combining the components in different ways. Lighting a LED is one of the first things in electronics. When you see how that works, a whole new world suddenly will open up for you. This book will teach you the basic skills you need to start the journey.

Components & Material:-

  •  Printed Circuit Templates X 10 
  • LED Lights ( Four colours 14pcs)
  • 3v Con Cell Batteries (such as the CR032)
  • Copper Tape (5mm conductive foil 5 meters)
  • Resistors
  • Paper Fastener
  • Binder Clips

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