Rectangular Pole Bar Magnet (3.3cm X 0.5cm)

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Multipurpose Stainless Steel Red and Blue Magnet For School Science Projects/ Experiments/ Office

A bar magnet is a rectangular piece of an object, made up of iron, steel, or any other ferromagnetic substance or ferromagnetic composite, that shows permanent magnetic properties. It has two poles, a north and a south pole such that when suspended freely, the magnet aligns itself so that the northern pole points towards the magnetic north pole of the earth.

  • The magnetic force of it is the strongest at the pole.
  • If this magnet is suspended freely in the air with a thread, it will not come to rest until the poles are aligned in a north-south position. A Mariner’s Compass uses this property to determine direction.
  • If two bar magnets are placed close to each other, their unlike poles will attract, and like poles will repel each other.
  • A bar magnet will attract all ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, and cobalt.


  • Color- Red and Blue 
  • Poles- South and North
  • Magnet- Bar Magnet 
  • Size- 3.3cm X 0.5cm

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