Self Suction Silicone Door Stopper

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Wall Protectors Anti-Collision Self-Sucking Silicone Door Stopper, Door Handle Bumper, Mobile Phone Stand, Data Cable Organizer, Key Holder (Multi-Color)

  • 【Protect Wall】The silicone door stopper absorbs shocks through door handles and cushions against wall collisions. It protects the wall from damage.
  • 【Widely Use】This silicone door stop can work as not only a door stop but also as a mobile phone stand, key holder, data cable holder, and even a toothbrush holder. It can be a good choice of storage organizer for gadgets.
  • 【Easy to Install】No tools needed. Just insert the handle or data cable, and key into the ring. Or attach it to the back of the mobile phone. Please clean the surface which to attach before use.
  • 【Self Sucking】Self sucking door handle bumper can be stuck on a smooth, flat, clean ash-free surface like glass, metal, lime wall, ceramic, etc.
  • 【Keep Door Open】You want to keep the door open, but a slight breeze would come through the door closed, also the naughty kid will close the door roughly, which will cause damage to the door and wall. Now, a silicone door stop can keep the door open. Suction cups can show strong adsorption capacity on smooth walls such as glass, metal, marble, ceramic tiles, etc., but it is difficult to show strong adsorption capacity on dry or rough walls such as wallpaper, slime, and putty.


Package Includes:

1 x Self Suction Silicone Door Stopper

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