Toshiba: ER6V Size-AA 3.6V PLC Cell Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery with Plug

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Toshiba Ultra Lithium ER6V/3.6V with plug CNC Battery

This is a Toshiba Ultra Lithium ER6V 3.6V Lithium battery that maintains Programmable Controller PLC Memory backup from PLC Automation equipment such as CNC Machine-tools or any industrial equipment with Mitsubishi PLC batteries using this type of 3.6V battery.

Connector/Plug may differ from the images shown.

Application range: Real-time clock, PLC backup memory power supply, automotive electronics, various instruments, meters, equipment, and so on.


  • This battery is used for data backup in the event of a power failure as mentioned above, and continuous operation of a real-time clock.
  • Even if using the EEPROM or EPROM cassette the battery is necessary to hold the internal memory in case of a power outage.
  • Never use this battery together with different type/model code batteries together.
  • The voltage of this battery is not compatible with that of manganese or alkaline manganese battery.
  • Since the positive terminal is glass-sealed, avoid applying any shock or excessive force to this portion


  • To avoid fire, explosion, and severe burn hazard, do not recharge, disassemble, heat above 100°C(212°F), incinerate, or expose contents to water
  • Never short the positive and negative terminals of the battery
  • Soldering, when made for use with this battery, must satisfy the following conditions:
    • solder temperature at the end of the tab or pin terminal: Below 270°C(518°F)
    • Soldering time: 5 Seconds or less.

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