[Type 11] Gold-AP55 Audio Music Player: 2x50W Dual Board With Built In Bluetooth, USB, SD-Card Slot & Remote

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Bluetooth Amplifier FM USB Card Wireless Module with Remote

  • Support Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth name: GD-82EM
  • Support MP3 WMA WAV format music
  • Support radio, FM band 87.5-108.0MHZ
  • Support external audio source input AUX
  • Infrared remote control from 4 to 7M
  • Support power off memory function: memory before the power off songs and volume
  • Support switching between U disk, TF card , Bluetooth, AUX, FM radio
  • Supports Bluetooth automatic callback
  • The power supply voltage ranges from 8 to 24V
  • Support button functions: previous song, next song, volume up, volume down, FM
    up, M down, play/pause, mode conversion, single cycle
  • Bluetooth support: previous song, next song , volume up, volume down, play/pause
  • Support infrared remote control function: last song, next song, volume increase, volume decrease, play/pause, mute, mode conversion, single cycle, shutdown, EQ, key song selection and FM station selection
  • Voice prompt: Voice prompt in functional mode, Bluetooth connection success prompt, volume up to maximum prompt, volume down to minimum prompt
  • Support dual channel output, output horn power 4ohm 50W * 2

Function Description:

  • Power on, the digital display displays H1, output startup voice, and the startup volume is 30% by default; The volume adjustment display is divided into 15 sections.
  • P/P button, play and pause button; Press and hold 35 to turn on and off.
  • PRE/V-button, Bluetooth, TF card, USB mode: short press the previous track, long press volume reduction; FM mode: Short press to search up channel, long press to reduce volume.
  • NEXT/V+ button, Bluetooth, TF card, USB mode: short press a song, long press the volume to add; FM mode: Press down to search, and press and hold to add volume
  • MODE button, short press the key mode to convert between U disk, TF card, Bluetooth, FM-AUX
    • When there is only U disk: Switch the sequence U disk - Bluetooth - FM-AUX
    • When there is only TF card: Switch the order TF card - Bluetooth FM-AUX
    • When there is no U disk or TF card: switch sequence Bluetooth-FM-AUX
  • When inserting the USB flash drive, the USB character lights up: indicates that the USB mode is switched to SD character lights up when TF card is inserted: indicates to switch to TF card mode
    • blue: indicates to switch to Bluetooth mode
    • Triangular character to the right lit: Playing status
    • Double vertical character on: Paused
    • FM character light: Enter radio mode
    • When the external plug is inserted, the MP3 character lights up: enter AUX mode
    • Clock characters: Show the song playing time when the song is playing; FM displays the frequency of the searched broadcast station
  • Bluetooth status: Press MODE to switch to Bluetooth mode, search for Bluetooth device name GD-82EM have a prompt is displayed after the connection is successful

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