WS2812B 8x32 Addressable Flexible LED Matrix Panel

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RGB Pixel Panel Flexible Individually Addressable WS2812 LED Panel 32*8

WS2812B is an intelligent control LED light source where the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated into a single package of 5050 components.

Each LED can be individually controlled. You may programme each LED to scroll messages or draw little graphics.

WS2812B Addressable Flexible LED Matrix is widely compatible. It can be controlled with Arduino, Raspberry Pi Fast led Library, Adafruit Neopixel, Rainbowduino, SP103E, SP105E, K1000C, T1000S, etc. Chainable and bendable design. You can extend the panel by hooking them up one by one with the 3pin JST connectors. Flexible FPCB can be gently bent and curved around surfaces.


  • Technology advantages: The WS2812B SMD5050 RGB LED, every led built-in(embedded) a WS2812B IC; therefore every one led lighting effect can be controlled, every RGB led is digital addressable.
  • Easy installation: Every LED lamp can be arbitrary cut-off, has good flexibility, easy installation, and can be arbitrary bending.
  • Dream colour lighting: Match use controller can appear colourful curtain-up/ flow water/raindrop/jump flash and so on hundreds of lighting effect, you can also edit animation effect by Coreldraw/Flash/Led-Edit software.


Making led screen, led wall, advertising board. Apply to hotels, KTV, bars, advertisement companies, decoration companies, the city lighting project, entertainment and leisure places lighting

LED Type SMD 5050 RGB Chip
IC Model WS2812B
Number of LEDs 256
Operating Voltage DC 5V
Viewing Angle 140°
Size 80x320mm

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