XL4016E1 Series DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module

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Models : XL4016E1 - CC (300W)
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DC-DC Step-down Adjustable Constant Voltage Module XL4016

The XL4016 series DC-DC buck converter step-down module is a high-power and efficient voltage regulator designed to step down a higher voltage to a lower voltage. 

Feature XL4016 XL4016 M401 XL4016 CC XL4016E1 XL 4016 PWM
Output voltage Adjustable Adjustable Fixed Adjustable Adjustable
Input voltage 4-40V 4-40V 7-36V 4-40V
Output current 8A 8A 5A 8A 8A
Display None None None LED None

10A 300 Watt XL4016-CC Dc-Dc Buck Converter Step Down Module

  • High Power Handling: Delivers up to 300W of power, making it suitable for powering demanding electronics projects.
  • Significant Output Current: Boasts a maximum output current of 10A, ideal for high-power applications (refer to the datasheet for recommended continuous current).
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: Fine-tune the output voltage from likely 1.25V to 36V DC (typical range for buck converters) to power various devices.
  • Likely High Efficiency: While not always explicitly stated, buck converters are known for high efficiency, minimizing wasted power as heat.
  • Compact Design (Possible): Buck converters are generally compact for easy integration into projects, but confirmation might be needed from the product specifications.

8A 200 Watt XL4016-M401 Dc-Dc Buck Converter Step Down Module

  • Function: It's a voltage regulator that reduces a higher DC voltage (input) to a lower DC voltage (output).
  • Input Voltage: Wide range, typically 4V to 40V DC.
  • Output Voltage: Adjustable, usually from 1.25V to 36V DC.
  • Maximum Output Current: 8A, but for continuous operation, staying around 5A is recommended. Exceeding 5A may require additional cooling (fan).
  • Maximum Power: 200 Watts (current x voltage).
  • Efficiency: Up to 96%, which means minimal power loss during conversion.
  • Protections: Built-in over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection for safe operation.

4V-38V 8A DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter With Display Light Voltmeter XL4016E1

  • Wide Input Range: Accepts a broad input voltage (4V-38V DC), making it compatible with various power supplies.
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: Provides adjustable output voltage from 1.25V to 36V DC, allowing you to power a wide variety of devices.
  • High Output Current: Delivers up to 8A of current (with a recommended continuous use of 5A) to handle demanding applications.
  • Excellent Efficiency: Up to 96% efficiency ensures minimal wasted power as heat, maximizing power for your devices.
  • Built-in Digital Voltmeter: The red LED display provides easy monitoring of either the input or output voltage.
  • Compact Design: Small size allows for easy integration into your projects, saving space.
  • Potentiometer Control: Fine-tune the output voltage with a potentiometer for precise control according to your specific needs.

 XL4016E1 200W Step Down Power Supply Module-PWM 

  • Function: It's a DC-DC step-down converter, also known as a buck converter. It reduces a higher DC voltage (input) to a lower DC voltage (output) that can be adjusted using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

  • Input Voltage Range: This module typically accepts a DC voltage between 4V and 40V as input.

  • Output Voltage Range: The output voltage can be adjusted via PWM, usually with a potentiometer. The adjustable range is generally between 1.25V and 36V DC (specific range might vary).

  • Maximum Output Current and Power: The module boasts a maximum output current of 8A. However, continuous operation at this level might require additional cooling (external fan) to avoid overheating. The maximum output power is typically around 200W (limited by voltage and current).

  • Features:

    • PWM for precise output voltage control.
    • In some models, a green LED display might be present to show the output voltage.
    • Basic protection features like short circuit protection, thermal shutoff (self-recovery), and possibly reverse polarity protection (depending on the model).
  • Applications: This module is suitable for various applications requiring a regulated lower voltage from a higher DC source. Examples include powering LED strips, motors, cameras, and other electronic devices

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