MQ Air Quality Gas Sensor Module [Rectangular PCB]

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MQ Series Gas Sensor Detector Modules for DIY (MQ 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/135)

MQ Series gas sensors are a popular and cost-effective range of electrochemical sensors. They are designed to detect various gases and are widely used in air quality monitoring, industrial safety, and leak detection. Below is a detailed overview of each sensor in the series and the specific gas it detects:

Sensor Target Gas Other Sensitive Gases
MQ-2 LPG, Smoke, H2 Methane, Butane, CO
MQ-3 Alcohol (Ethanol) Methane, Benzene, Hexane
MQ-4 Methane CNG
MQ-5 LPG Propane, Butane
MQ-6 LPG, Butane Propane
MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide (CO) -
MQ-8 Hydrogen (H2) -
MQ-9 Smoke CO, Methane, LPG
MQ-135 Ammonia (NH3), Benzene, Alcohol, Smoke CO2

While these sensors are versatile and useful, they do have some limitations:

Sensitivity: They can detect other gases besides their target gas, which might lead to false alarms.
Accuracy: Their readings can be affected by humidity and temperature changes.
Long-term Stability: Over time, their sensitivity can drift, necessitating periodic calibration.

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